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SMARKETING is your one-stop shop for building and rejuvenating your sales funnel


Many organizations perform marketing reactively and impulsively, wasting hard-earned money and time in the process.

With decades of experience working in and with small and medium businesses and in top advertising agencies, we’ll help you put together a comprehensive and easy-to-follow marketing plan and calendar to optimize the use of your marketing budget.


A strong online presence is mandatory to market your brand, products, and services effectively in this digital age .

We’ll help you design and create an attractive brand identity and website, complete with SEM, basic SEO to improve page rank, and links to your social media pages. If appropriate, we’ll also recommend traditional methods such as outdoor, TV/radio, flyers, and events.


We’re probably not alone in observing that professionalism in B2C and B2B sales seems to be declining over the years.

Don’t let this happen to your business! We’ll introduce simple and effective methods to elevate your sales team’s knowledge, passion, and sales closing rates. After spending money and effort on getting leads, you don’t want to let them leak out of your sales funnel too easily.


When things go wrong, the blame often falls on employees when the root of the problem – management – isn’t tackled.

We’ll examine your standard operating procedures, HR policies & practices (including training), organization and team structures to beef up your management (and their teams) for the long run. Remember, satisfied staff = satisfied customers and more referrals!

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Sales + marketing = SMARKETING

Marketing without sales is effort and money down the drain!

It's heart-breaking and sometimes even gut-wrenching to see businesses spend a lot of time and money attracting potential customers in their front doors, only to have them leave quickly through the back, often without buying anything.

SMARKETING consciously integrates your sales and marketing functions to bring in more leads and conversions for your buck. First, we increase your traffic and leads, Then, we help you to identify and plug the leaks to maximize conversions and sales. We also look at the other pieces of the puzzle, like human resources and operations, to sculpt and deliver a well-tuned sales funnel for your success. While we've found that an integrated holistic approach works best, we welcome individual projects like developing a marketing calendar, refreshing your website, search engine marketing, writing an ad or brochure, designing a new logo, or conducting sales training.

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  • We're prompt, polite, and ethical in our business conduct and customer service.

  • Because we work efficiently and effectively, most clients see results quickly.

  • Actions speak louder than words. We help you strategise, plan, AND execute.

  • You'll reap more than you sow, often many times over.

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